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Welcome to Vancouver Westside

Vancouver west is a high-end dazzling combination of intellectual appeal, natural beauty and shopping hubs. You’ll find this part of Vancouver to have the optimal balance between city life and nature’s enjoyments. Within the area you’ll find a few of Canada’s most unique food and activity offerings as well as the prestigious University of British Columbia. The living abodes available within Vancouver West vary from large estate style homes right through to small studio condos. For those wanting to live in this perfect area, research is key. The diversity of housing is as far reaching as the diversity of the people occupying it. You can see slight conservatism in the compact upper class neighbourhood of Point Grey. There is lots to choose from in Westside: homes, duplexes, condos and townhomes. From the beaches of Jericho to Kitsilano Beach Park to Spanish Banks Beach Park, there is a place for everyone to find peace. Locarno Beach inside Jericho and Spanish Banks Park host trails through forests and along beaches providing residents an area for walking their dogs — including off-leash areas to let residents’ pets feel as free as their owners do.



This neighbourhood with its spectacular beaches and rainforest area contrasts well with the shopping hubs of the Kitsilano neighbourhood. One of most popular shopping destinations is W 4th Avenue. This street is unique with both local shops for those looking to immerse themselves in Vancouver culture and iconic brands that are known worldwide like Lululemon Athletica. Possibly the best part of W 4th Avenue is the fantastic restaurants that can be found lining its streets. Vancouver being the culinary capital of Canada allows 4th street the ability to offer a dining experience that is unique to its natural environment. For those wishing to answer the call of the wild, there is Pacific Spirit Park in Point Grey. The massive, dense forests within this park make it the perfect place to get back to nature and enjoy the simpler side of life.



In other areas you’ll find public markets, an Institute of Art & Design, golf clubs and tennis clubs. You name it and Vancouver West has it! And it’s all within easy walking or public transport distance of resident’s homes.


Jericho Tennis Club – One of Vancouver’s most exclusive private clubs. It offers members year-round tennis playable on twelve courts, squash on four state of the art international-sized courts, beachfront water sports, aquatics, and fitness facilities. Jericho Tennis Club is the ideal place for recreational activity fanatics.


Jericho Sailing Centre – Westside’s low-cost ocean community centre for small naturally powered watercraft.


West Point Grey Community Centre – A community centre for all age groups that offers a broad range of programs in recreation, sports, and the arts. The West Point Grey Community Association’s mission is to promote individual and community development by providing quality leisure services.



Wherever you choose to live in Vancouver West, your children would be in good hands within the local schooling system. Apart from the University Of Birtish Columbia the area also offers some fantastic schools to younger children. These include Queen Mary Elementary School which provides multi-age cluster classes, Jules Quesnel Elementary School which offers French immersion classes, and West Point Grey Academy which is well-regarded by many. There are both public and private facilities to choose from in the Westside with the public Lord Byng Secondary School consistently receiving high marks in the Fraser Institute’s annual ranking of local schools. With all the schooling options available for children and the wide range of shopping and outdoor opportunities available to all residents, Vancouver West is a perfect place to settle. With all the schooling options available for children and the wide range of shopping and outdoor opportunities available to all residents, Vancouver West is a perfect place to settle.


My Favourite Spots in Westside Vancouver:

  • Jericho Park
  • Pacific Spirit Regional Park
  • La Quercia
  • Nook
  • Be Fresh
  • Kahve Coffee Shop

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